Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I nearly forgot all about the Daily Diary today!

Since early this morning I have been glued to my desk catching up with life.

I am now spending a few nights in Hong Kong after the filming trip to Malaysia - which starts on February 17th! How excited am I? VERY! But now I have to work out where to stay, who to see and where to eat! The new Ritz-Carlton looks awesome ... but won't be open when I am there. Darn it ...

There are now 40 recipients of a postcard from my travels. This number is NOT going to grow! I always worry that sometimes the cards don't get delivered but today a friend from Australia emailed to say that she had "found" six cards dating back to last July! Her pooch gets to the post before anyone else and has been stealing them! She found them under his dogbed! How cool is that?


The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is located in West Kowloon. It occupies the top 16 floors of the 118-storey tower of the International Commerce Center and is the world’s tallest hotel.
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