Monday, 21 February 2011

I need to get fit ... I am trying ... but obviously not hard enough. Today was quite tough on my old frame.

Up early and we met up with Jenny Roach from Eco Divers. Malaysia is getting quite a reputation as a good place to learn to dive. It has PADI etc so safetly is covered. There is warm & clear water, weak currents and enough to see to keep divers happy.

We boated 25 minutes to a small island in front of Bejaya Beach and scuba'd for an hour or so. I saw cuttlefish, the odd shark, large fish with scarey fangs and lots of sea slugs. I missed out on turtles though. Tioman Island offers good diving facilties and is fabulous for the likes of me - the amateur diver - whether it's good enough for professional divers is another matter.

Jenny comes from Liverpool (a city in North-West England) and is a very competent diver.

After a quick lunch we headed into the jungle that surrounds Japa Mala. Our guide Maran Nayer aka Mike took us for a long walk. There are monkeys, lizards, snakes, birds, squirrels and spiders ... trees, plants ... and sadly the odd mosquito.

The terrain was was very rough and it was a real hike! Thankfully Tim and James (with some help) carried all the equipment.

We ended up on some rocks looking down over the resort and up to peaks that look over Tioman Island.

Here's a fact - the original 1958 flick South Pacific was filmed here ... along with Kauai in Hawaii ... Tioman is famous!

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