Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's only 7.30 pm but I am exhausted so it's an early night for me!

Met up with Andrea (YTL PR) and Gigi (travel Ambassador for YTL) at breakfast. Eat fast and head to spa. There 7 spa suites with 14 different treatments ... last time I was in Malaysia, I visited Pangkor Laut - which is - arguably - the greatest spa in the world. My treatment today - from Mr Yahya (yaya) was a traditional Malay massage. He learnt the technique from his mother and she from hers. It was quite lovely.

I did head back there for seconds later when I received an awesome head massage from Rosna.

The resort boasts - 2 swimming pools, dive centre, outdoor all-weather tennis courts, gym and nearby golf courses! SO much to do & see!

After a long lunch, we filmed my suite - the Anjung (Presidential) - it is designed like a 17th century Malay Palace. It is 180 square metres in area. Two bathrooms, black marble sunken bath, king sized bed, x 2 televisions, satellite tv, wireless internet, 1-bedroom, writing desk, bar, dining room, sun deck, view of the river ... as far as I am concerned - my own private beach and my own private swimming pool aka the South China Sea!

It did rain in the morning but it turned into a fine/hot/sunny day by midday ... sleep!

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