Friday, 4 February 2011

It's been a long day! I have been struggling with an article that has now finally been "put to bed" ... phew ... so now it's time for a slice of pizza and a glass of Barolo!

I did go for a drive today and spotted: a fox, deer, rabbit, mole, badger, toad, seagull, pheasant, mouse, goat, cow, llama (!) and pigs. I was pleased to see that in this green & pleasant land that I am surrounded by wildlife.

It's been rather windy here in England and while this is good for wind farms and windmills ... it's not good for me as I was hoping to have a good cigar-filled round of golf this weekend. Well, at least I now have a good excuse for a bad round! Ha!

HAPPY WEEKEND FOLKS - especially those in Chicago where the snow is deep and seemingly everlasting ...
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