Sunday, 20 February 2011

"Japa Mala" - Hindu and Buddhist prayer beads.

This resort on Tioman Island opened in April 2004 ... there are just 13 suites, set in 11 acres of lush rainforest and it's on the South China Sea-front. Five suites have views of the sea ... the rest are in the jungle.

I have the top suite here - Seaview Sarang - the "nest" ... or "love nest" as they like to call it here! There's no lovin' going on here though!

My suite has a super queen bed, satellite tv, wireless (but no cellphone reception), indoor rain shower, jacuzzi, plunge pool, hydro pool (?) and sun deck. I didn't see much sun today though!

Up VERY early for breakfast with the boys and an interview with the resort General Manager. Aruni (she is so famous here that she only has one name) is a wonderful lady who has been here since the resort opened.

We filmed the resort - the restaurants (Mandi Mandi for Italian and Tamarind for Thai/Vietnamese), swimming pool, boutique and Spa ... I have just had a Thai massage ... aaaahhhh!

Snakes, dogs, monkeys ... we met them all today.
a python at breakfast
james was bored with toast and yoghurt
one of my pools
dining table - EVERYTHING here is made of reclaimed materials ... VERY green!
my view
cheeky monkeys
it wasn't painful ... this is a look of pleasure!
the Moo - why not?
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