Monday, 17 December 2007

merî kurisumasu, soshite yoi o-toshi o

my home town

it's very nearly xmas ... and nearly new year ...

time for a rest ... well, planning for 2008 and getting in some training for the London Marathon which i am running next April!

so .. no more entries this year ...

this shot was taken from the London Eye on Saturday ... London ... lovely!

God Jul Och Ett Gott Nytt År!

see you in 2008!!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 168 - A Non-Day


these photos were taken off the editing computer ... and were sourced by my VERY dear friend and colleague Seb ... the editor!

we are doing well ...

the show will now start airing from tuesday 8th january 8.30 p.m. ... the travel channel here in the uk ... monaco ....

hmmm... have a couple of days off now ... in the office ... planning 2008 ...

still have a wee bit of madness in my head ... but hey ... nothing new there.

Song of The Day: Hourglass (Squeeze)

Weather: Miserable

Monday, 3 December 2007

Day 167 - Don't Watch That! Watch This!

suggs in red
suggs in blue

men fighting - acceptable, women fighting women - hmmmm, women fighting men - ???? welcome to the nutty world of Madness!

i know its coming up to xmas because every year, the "office" heads to a Madness concert to relive lost years and to dance like monkeys.

this year was no exception .... the astoria in charing cross .... the music - well you know, baggy trousers, it must be love, wings of a dove, our house. its one of the few gigs where everyone starts dancing straightaway! awesome!

seb & i are in the edit ...

Song of the Day: It Must be Love (Madness)

Weather: P-P-P-P... great if you are a penguin

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Days 161 - 166 - A Few Days Off ...

the gang in drier times ...

I am home! Back in London! And it's miserable! Howling winds, heavy rain ... dark, depressing ...

Last week, a friend suggested I got a 2nd home in Miami. I may just do that!

Flight back from Miami was a disaster ... BA - Bloody Awful ... was accused of being a terrorist by fellow passengers as they had not seen an MP3 player like mine before. Apparently, I "fit the profile" ... and "look like one of them" ... hmm ... BA's response - a shoulder shrug. Great.

Into the edit tomorrow!

Song of the Days: Rain or Shine (Five Star)

Weather: BA
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