Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Every time I revisit NYC, I fall in love with it just a little more ...
My hotel - The Royalton - 44W44th Street ... it's rather trendy ... maybe too trendy for me!
0930 - by the water ... and in a helicopter for a 15 minute flight around Manhattan.
The Statue of Liberty - a gift from the French in the 19th century.
Then a wander around the city ...
Lunch at Cipriani Dolci at Grand Union Station! Yes - there is a Poughkeepsie ... and a Yonkers! Who would have thought!?
Then off to my favourite fashion label in the world - Robert Graham ... where I met Marino Rivera - one of the greats in modern baseball - so I am told!
Me in shirt heaven!
Mr Robert Graham ... well Mr Robert Stock ... who is ... erm ... Mr Robert Graham!
Song of the Day: Hot in the City - Billy Idol
Weather: Sunny and Awesome!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Greetings from New York!

Long flight ... Virgin Atlantic ... more on that tomorrow!

Staying at a hotel that - at first glance - is not "me" ...

Off to dinner now! Phew!

Song of the Day: Like a Virgin - Madonna

Weather: Hmm ... Sunny?

leaving Heathrow
Upper Class - a bar - and me ....
just landed at JFK

Monday, 28 June 2010

So today I have been researching barbecues. Here are my conclusions:

1) a charcoal bar-b is for "real" men/scouts. basically, you invite your mates round, build up the fire and offer up sausages that taste of coal ... eat carefully with a jar of ale.

2) a gas bar-b is for "chefs" ... and those incapable of building a fire/townies. basically for those who like everything to be just right ... sausages cooked perfectly without any trace of charcoal ... to be eaten with a glass of fine wine.

I know people who have both types! That's metrosexual-barbecuing!

3) there IS a third! A permanent charcoal pit! I do not live in South Africa so I feel this option is TOTALLY unnecessary!

I did not buy one today ... I will wait until I get back from NYC. Knowing my luck though, it will be raining ...

This time tomorrow, I will taking a rather large bite of the Big Apple ... yay :)

Song of the Day: Modern Love - David Bowie

Weather: Sunny (yet again and long may it last!)


Sunday, 27 June 2010

The cameraman Tim and his mother have this view on ball sports - "if they want it that much, just give it to them". Well, it's obvious that the German team REALLY wanted the ball and England gave it to them...

I didn't watch the game ... I am not a fan of soccer. I got loads of work done and enjoyed another Sunny day in the garden ... and in my office!

OK - this week I am in NYC ... and the end of next week, we start filming in Scotland! I am very excited as one of the properties we are featuring is the most private "club" in the world ...! Soho House is a Travelodge in comparison!

And the Moo is feeling good today! Not so wonky ... and her appetite for ham & chicken has returned!

Song of the Day: World In Motion - New Order + friends

Weather: Ah! Sunny Sunny Sunny

but where?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Goodness, I feel a bit mixed up today.

So - after my morning swim - I headed up to the supermarket (yes, I grocery shop) and bought some Pilsner Urquell (in honour of Prague), some jamon (from Catalunya), cheese (local, of course), wine (from South Australia), lamb burgers (from New Zealand - Island unspecified but I am guessing south) ... and this evening burnt the burgers, corked the wine, over-melted the cheese, and dropped the ham on the floor (which was hoovered up by Moo) ... SO ... have settled on the beer which I opened successfully ... I guess I now feel rather Czech! For one night only ...!

Moo doing well!

Song of the Day: Star People - George Michael

Weather: Sunny day!

Friday, 25 June 2010

It's Friday!

Glastonbury ... Wimbledon ... Sunny ... Hot ... Happy ...

Most importantly, the Moo is getting back on form! She begged for pizza at lunchtime, wriggled in the afternoon sun, has cut down on the crying (poor baby) ... and even barked at the kittens!

I have yet to open her mouth to see the damage yet ... I may leave that for a couple of days.

Next week, I am off to New York ... so much to do before I go though ...

Song of the Day: A-Punk - Vampire Weekend

Weather: Ay carumba! It's scorchio!

Go on Gemima, give us a ...
wriggle ...
and a smile! Alright is with the world!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Not much time for the diary tonight as I am looking after magical, marvellous, (sometimes) militant, mystical, melodious, magnificent ... Moo (aka Gemima the Pooch).

She had to go to the vet today and had 18 teeth removed! So, she is totally blind, has wonky rear paws .. and now no teeth. Before I am accused of being cruel & unkind ... the vet says that she has a few years left in her and is actually otherwise quite healthy.

Poor girl is a wee dozy .. so I must look after her ..

Song of the Day: Monteleone - Mark Knopfler

Weather: Sunny (yet again!)

my best friend
who I love more than life itself ..

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Not much to report today.

Yes - it was Sunny. Yes - the sky was blue. Yes, yes and yes!

I did unearth my collection of Hawaiian shirts - both Robert Graham and others! I have a fabulous selection for the summer! Be afraid ... be VERY afraid! Haha!

Song of the Day: Blue Hawaii - Elvis Presley

Weather: Oh .. it MUST be Sunny again!

i want THAT shirt!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

So - Leica blog part 2 is up tonight:

Another Sunny day here.

I end today's entry on a very sad note. Last year I visited Vancouver and cuddled Aurora, the pregnant beluga whale cow and sadly, the calf born last summer at the Aquarium has died. Nala was born June 7, 2009 to the aquarium's 20-year-old female beluga.

So sad.

Song of the Day: My Lady Blue - Eric Serra

Weather: Still Sunny ...

Monday, 21 June 2010

I am not sure if I mentioned but I now write a bi-weekly column for Leica - the amazing camera brand.

So today: - with the follow up tomorrow!

My camerawork is all "point & click" but somehow I have managed to get some wonderful photographs that Leica has deemed good enough to appear.

Today has been Sunny AGAIN! May this last forever ...

Song of the Day: Violently - Hue & Cry

Weather: Le soleil brille ...

my weapon of choice!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I have dreams every night. I am sure most people do ...

Last night I slept with my Blackberry next to my pillow and at around 4 am I awoke and scribbled down my dream!

So - I was in Norway ... next to a fjord. My friend Christy was standing there next to me in the snow. All of a sudden a huge wave came past us ... we were quite high up so witnessed this amazing wave ... but we didn't get wet but all below us was submerged & destroyed. It was quite frightening ... but then I woke up! OK - anyone out there able to decipher this dream?

Today was another beautiful day ... warm, SUNNY and ... actually ... quite divine.

Song of the Day: Buffalo Gals - Malcolm McLaren

Weather: mmmmmmm!

SUNNY skies ...

Saturday, 19 June 2010

A nice Summer in England is better than Summer ANYWHERE else in the world! Last night it rained and this morning it was SUNNY ... this afternoon it was SUNNY and this evening SUNNY too! The fields are green and lush ... and people smile as if they have won the Lottery!

I spoke to a few people today... and yes they all mentioned how dismayed they are at the state of English football .... frankly, I don't care ... I was pleased to see that the England rugby team beat the Aussies!

One lady went on for five minutes about how much she hated soccer on television ... only to end it by admitting to loving Big Brother! I headed to the door quickly ...

Songs of the Day (80's night on VH-1):
Two Hearts - Phil Collins

Separate Lives - Phil Collins + Marilyn Martin

Weather: SUNNY!


Friday, 18 June 2010

The end of a fabulous week ... and a funny photo that I took ...

I am NOT a fan of the show BUT ...

See, this place REALLY does exist!

Song of the Day: Sunny - Bobby Hebb

Weather: Sunny :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Fabulous day! Meeting and eating!

Have tried Boulud in New York and am pleased to report he is JUST as good in London!

ellie for sale at hyde park corner
i like this shiny one!
covered in mirrors
the mandarin oriental hotel for lunch
dragon to ward off EVIL!
here it is ...

fabulous bar
truly amazing dessert - mint - yum! so good that my host dipped her spoon in too! thank you jill!
Song of the Day: Baby Baby - Amy Grant
Weather: Hot in the City

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The trick of trying to run a successful business - so I am told - is to surround yourself with people better than you!

Well, I am pleased to say that I have a HUGELY talented team of cameramen, assistants, editors, musicians, graphic designers, producers ... and more ... that TRY their hardest to make me look good ... ! I am a very lucky boy!

SO - today for your delectation - here's some KwaZulu Natal footage ... ENJOY!

The Oyster Box:

&Beyond Phinda:

Durban City Guide:

Black Rhino Tracking on foot:

Song of the Day: Relax - Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Weather: Another blue sky day!

i had a t-shirt with this photo on it in the 80's ...! Frankie rocked!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I am home after a day of editing with Oli. Barcelona looks great ...

I am watching the news before I go to bed. Thirteen families in Northern Ireland have waited 38 years to find out that their loved ones were unlawfully killed on 30 January 1972 in what is now known as "Bloody Sunday". British paratroopers opened fire on unarmed crowds at a civil rights demonstration.

BP are ONLY officially liable for $75 million in the oil spill in the USA ... but I am hoping that it will be forced to pay upto $20 billion for the clean-up. BUT will the USA clean-up the toxic mess it has left in Afghanistan and Iraq? Please ask Obama ...

298 British soldiers have now been killed in Afghanistan ... to what end?

The police have taken over 4 venues in South Africa as workers complain about pay & conditions ...

I so wish I didn't watch the news tonight ...

No music choice. But I think I will listen to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to put "my" world to rest ...

Weather: Warm
liberty shop window on carnaby street
lucia and gemma - translators & friends from the catalunya tourist board!
happy oli
my favourite photo from barcelona

Monday, 14 June 2010

Wednesday is "hump day", Thursday is the new Friday, Friday is the start to the weekend, Saturday is party day & night, Sunday is recovery ... that just leaves Tuesday ... and Monday ...

Well, Monday is the busiest day of the week ... and Tuesday is following up everything you do on Monday. Does any of that make sense? Today I have not been busy which means my week is over! Yay!

Tomorrow I am in the editing suite all day - Barcelona - I believe. Oli (the editor) says my Lamborghini driving around the Circuit de Catalunya is frenetic & "bloody dangerous looking" ... hmmm ...

Don't forget to check out tonight ... it's a tough one this week!

Also the photograph below is a classic! I took it today ...

Song of the Day: My Sweet Lord - Billy Preston

Weather: Odd ...


Sunday, 13 June 2010

It's been a great weekend! The highlight being the visit of dear friend Greg Peacock, who owns The Priory Country Lodge in Tasmania! Sadly he was NOT accompagnied by his pooch Hugo ...

I also visited one of my favourite wee hideaways in the world - Yalbury Cottage - a few miles south of Dorchester in Dorset. Run & owned by Jamie & Ariane Jones it's small (8 rooms) but perfectly formed ... fabulous hospitality and unparalleled cuisine here in the county.

Ahhh! The weekend is drawing to a close ... England drew at chess or paintball ... or football or something like that and the newspapers are blaming just ONE player! Hmm ... it's a team sport isn't it?

The week ahead WILL be busy!

I hope Greg had fun ....

Song of the Day: Hot Hot Hot - The Cure

Weather: Dreamy!

Greg - on set... !!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

This is what summer is all about! Long, sunny & warm days ...

Today has been rather heavenly.

I have spent most of it wandering about taking photos for my part of my Leica blog. I am no photographer and it's definitely a case of the tools making the workman!

I am also excited as I have a friend visiting from Tasmania! You may remember I was filming there earlier this year and Greg Peacock (father of Hugo the dog) from the Priory Country Hotel is over here for a short holiday and is gracing me with his presence - sadly for just one evening!

The memories of my trip are flooding back! The Agrarian Kitchen, catching trout, drinking whisky and the hickory golf!

Song of the Day: U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer

Weather: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Hugo & me!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Today, it's all been about all the three pictures below ...

1) the views around my home are quite like this
2) yes, i am home so there are unlimited cigars
3) pooch Gemima is always around begging for food or a tummy-tickle!

The weekend is finally here! Yay!

A long rest is needed. The next show is ... Edinburgh! Can't wait!

Song of the Day: Right By My Side - Eurythmics

Weather: GLORIOUS!

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