Sunday, 6 June 2010

Another beautiful day here in Praha.

An early start and we ventured to Pivni Lazne - the original beer spa in Prague. Beer is BIG here in Prague! Every street corner has a pub or bar ... and beer is the biggest seller. Anyway, for a couple of thousand of years, the Bohemians have used the raw material of beer - yeast, hops & malted barley as a way of exfoliation, helping with blood flow and detoxification.

So - I basically got into a bath of beer at 35 degrees for 20 minutes ... while knocking back super-strength Budvar! After that, I was wrapped up like a baby and slept in a dark room on a bed of hay/straw! This draws out much of the toxins. I am pleased to say that the treatment was very effective but I did smell of yeast for much of the day!

After lunch we headed to the Prague State Opera House. It opened on 5th January 1888. It was built by the Germans - during the Habsburg period. It's one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe ... filled with gold leaf, frescoes and statues.

Dvorak, Smetna and Janacek were famous Czech composers and Prague is blessed with several venues that host opera, ballet and classical concerts.

Tonight, I got to see & film Swan Lake ... the guest ballerina in the lead role was Nikola Marova ... who as you will see below was very playful!

A fabulous day!

Tomorrow we leave the Kempinski - I will miss the Penthouse Suite - it's been lovely up here!

Song of the Day: For What It's Worth - The Cardigans

Weather: Hmmmmm-bop

morning sunshine ... outside Pivni Lazni - the original beer spa!
In beer - drinking beer!
Beer bathing!
The relaxation bed - straw & hay!
Prague State Opera House

The best of the 1061 seats!
My private dancer - ballerina Nikola Marova - on stage of Swan Lake ...
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