Friday, 4 June 2010

It's been a long, long day ... it's finally over! It's been a good one though ...

Up early and after breakfast a chap called Milan turned up in a fabulous classic car to drive me around the area. After the horrid rain yesterday, it was just so pleasant to see the sun and a blue sky.

After my drive around the Old Town - I interviewed the hotel General Manager Peter Knoll who has been her since April. The hotel has just 75 guestrooms - 62 suites and 13 rooms. The building was originally built in the 15th century and in the 17th century became a Bohemian Palace. The Kempinski opened in October 2008 ...

It has a 1800 sq metre garden and trees were flown in by helicopter to make the garden just so lovely!

My suite is undoubtedly the most sought after on this side of the River Vlatva ... it's 200 sq metres in area ... has a jacuzzi on the balcony ... and erm - is very comfortable! The views ... THE VIEWS!!!

After lunch, I had a lesson in how to use a bar-b-que from an Australian chef here at the hotel. Justin Hammond taught me some good stuff! You should heat chicken to 62 degrees before you bar-b-que to make it taste good! Did you know that? His dish (using only local ingredients) was superb - so good, I had it for dinner as well!

Tomorrow - I am off to explore ...

Song of the Day: Everybody's got to Learn Sometimes - The Field

Weather: LOVELY!

1928 Praga Piccolo - built in Czechoslovakia - right hand drive as pre-WW2, Czech cars followed British manufacturing processes ..
fellow guest - Mr Andre Previn
Lovely car in front of lovely hotel
GM - Peter Knoll
Happy Me
On my 50 sq metre terrace, there's an outdoor jacuzzi!
Dining table - seats 14 ....
Glass chandelier
1 of 2 bedrooms
Art around hotel

Another superb chandelier
1800 sq metre garden
Hot hot hot!
Only me ...
Chef - Justin Hammond
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