Saturday, 5 June 2010

Yes - BLUE SKY all day! It was a perfect Prague day.
First stop - the Garnet Museum in the Jewish Quarter. Garnet was "found" here in the 13th century and is semi-precious stone. It is used in jewellery and also medicinal purposes.
Lots of colours but blood red in the Czech garnet. It helps women with child-birth and men with impotence! Ha!
In the museum you learn about garnet and then buy some! Like the greenstone from New Zealand, you NEVER buy garnet for yourself ... ALWAYS someone else!
My host for the morning was the caped-crusader (Little Red Riding Hood) - the gorgeous Lenka Misagova ... who actually wears the cape all the time in the museum! I joined her, just for the photo!
We then all went for a wander around the city ... taking in ...
The "mini-Eiffel Tower"

The King Charles IVth Bridge (only stone bridge in Prague)
Vitus Cathedral (that houses Good King Wenceslas' grave)

A Happy Guard outside Praha Castle!
A tram! There are 940 in the city - 150 kms of track and with the Metro - 1.1 billion passengers a year!
Outside the Tram Museum!
There's been a tram system in Prague since late 19th century. First horse & cart ... then it was all electrified!

This one from 1900 was owned by the Mayor of Prague! It also was the tram for Emperor Franz Josef II -- luxury travel!

My own private tram!
I went for a tour around the city! It was BRILLIANT!
I even had wine, sandwiches and an accordion player!
The best way I have ever travelled around a city!!!
AWESOME DAY! Roll on tomorrow ...
Song of the Day: I Taut I Taw a Puddy Tat - Tweety & Sylvester (A CLASSIC)
Weather: PERFECTO!
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