Thursday, 3 June 2010

Greetings from Prague - the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic!

I am happy & safe in my suite at the top of the Kempinski (Hybernska) ... which is located in the centre of the city.

The flight from London took just two hours ... the weather in England is glorious ... here, it's dull, grey, rainy, drizzly, chilly, miserable ... and ... ghastly. I have been reliably informed (by the BBC) that tomorrow we will get sunshine here! That will be nice! I slept the entire flight but Tim tells me that the service was fabulous and the crew were very sweet indeed.

It gets light at 4.45 am here and dark at 9.30 pm! I forsee LONG days!

The hotel seems quite pleasant. My suite is quite large and comfortable .. all for little old me. More on that tomorrow!

First impressions of Praha on this trip are that there are some amazing buildings ... and some very unattractive ones too ... no doubt built during the Communist days ... Her people are quite friendly and food & drink is very inexpensive. There are huge numbers of off-licences (bottle shops) selling some pretty potent brews ... and everything seems to be sponsored by a beer brand! Tim is in heaven ....

Song of the Day: Bad Love - Eric Clapton

Weather: a rollercoaster!

Czech Airlines ... nice!

Now that sounds like a perfect hotel for MY pup Gemima!
the traditional "start of show photo" with the boys!
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