Tuesday, 8 June 2010

It's been another long day ... but not so hard! I have just enjoyed a cigar & whisky ... after a relaxing 70 minute massage in the spa!

Before I begin today's diary, just a quick mention of another project we are working on with Leica - the amazing camera people. We are now writing a weekly blog for Leica ... you can see the results on: http://blog.leica-camera.com/ ... The photos are high resolution and are only good because Tim & James advise and help me take them!

So - up early - and out on the terrace to interview Four Seasons, Prague's General Manager Davide Barnes. It's was all good.

Then my suite review.

The hotel was opened in February 2001. It has 161 rooms including 20 suites. There are 7 floors. The building is unique as it is made up of four wings with different architectural styles: Baroque (1568), Neo-Classical (1827), Neo-Renaissance (1883) and contemporary (2001).

I am in the neo-Classical wing. A 2-bedroom suite ... 155 square metres ...

It has SPECTACULAR views of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, River Vltava and Strahov Monastery. For views, this is THE best suite in Prague.

After lunch we headed to the kitchen for a cooking lesson with Executive Chef - Andrea Accordi. His restaurant, Allegro, is the ONLY Michelin-starred one in the Czech Republic!

He taught me to make a dish out of lobster, pasta, white & green asparagus ... and anchovy butter! DELICIOUS!

The boys then filmed the rest of the hotel (health club, spa ..) and I had a massage!

A great day!

Song of the Day: I Want It All - Queen

Weather: SUN, SUN, SUN .. RAIN, RAIN, RAIN ...

my hotel
general manager - davide barnes
view of the charles bridge
and river vltava & castle
living room
pr supremo martina vavrova and assistant nathalie zelle
chef andrea accordi
finished dish
lobby! lovely!
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