Saturday, 5 February 2011

What do you think the "national food dish" in the UK is? Fish & chips, bangers & mash, toad in the hole (don't ask!), shepherd's pie, Sunday roast are all contenders BUT actually the national dish is now ... curry! I kid you not ... curry! The fact is that 98% of "Indian" restaurants in the UK are not Indian - but are Bangladeshi and Pakistani - so it's not authentic anyway!

SO - today - armed with my new Leica, I headed down to the south coast to take some great photographs of Weymouth - a big favourite for staycationers in the UK. There's a lovely long sandy beach, arcades & shops that sell rubbish, those terrible Bed & Breakfasts on the promenade and of course donkey rides.

What I didn't bank on was that it would rain all day, the wind would be blowing a hoolee and that the camera battery needed charging! Oops! You see I didn't realise that my V Lux 20 would differ so greatly from my V Lux 2 ... but it does! And the battery from the V Lux 20 doesn't work for the V Lux 2 ... schoolboy error!

ANYWAY - I did end up at one of those fish & chip shops that boasts "the best fish n' chips in England". It was quite tasty ... but quite greasy ... and now I am sitting here at my desk feeling that I have totally wasted a day of my life ... tomorrow if the rain stops and the wind abates ... well ... we'll see ...

 not a toad in sight!

Weymouth on a GREAT day (not today!)
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