Sunday, 6 February 2011

My Sundays used to be quite similar:
- awake with hangover if unlucky
- go for a guilt-jog if REALLY unlucky
- long lunch (hic)
- nap (with Pooch)
- evening movie at cinema (nothing slushy)
- pizza
- zzzzzzzzz
(too much sleep in there)
- awake
- get depressed watching the morning news & reading the Sunday newspapers
- feel better after a large bowl of Ricicles + strong cofeee
- nap on sofa (with Pooch)
- lunch (wine optional)
- nap (with Pooch)
- watch a repeat episode of The Simpsons
- pizza
- think about the week ahead (grrr)
- zzzzzzzzzz
(not enough sleep in there)

roll on Monday!

"Sinday" ...!
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