Monday, 14 February 2011


for those who may have missed out:

Yes, I have been living out on that for years ... ! I hope you received many cards, boxes of chocolates, bunches of flowers and the odd bottle of Krug (rose, of course!).

Me? Now, that would be telling ...

It's also our company mascot's birthday; Peninsula Bear has been travelling with us for a couple of years now and has made children smile, air crew take sympathy on Tim, customs officials wave us through and has even appeared on the show - a couple of times - albeit surreptitiously.

The funniest request today on the radio was for John from Rose. "He's 48 but looks 61. He smells, has bad teeth and is not very handsome ... but I love him as he's rich". She requested Gold Digger ... I laughed for ages (he sounds like Tony Blair if you ask me).

Oh dear - SO, SO much work to do - so little time ... so little time ...

P. Bear Down-Under ...  he'll be back from his holidays later this week ...
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