Sunday, 13 February 2011

There is only one word to describe today's weather - MISERABLE.

It was so miserable that my sheep Bert & Ernie refused to come out of their house.
It was so miserable that my cats Maisy & Mittens refused to leave my house ... (giving the small creatures outside an extra day of life).
It was so miserable that Moo refused to get out of her bed ... but that's nothing new I suppose.
It was so miserable that I locked myself in my office, listened to music, smoked cigars, drank coffee and worked all day.

the Moo doing what she does best ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Isn't it odd how the weather makes our lives miserable or happy?

In Kuala Lumpur today, it was 32 degrees and full sunshine! I think later this week therefore, I will be a VERY happy chap!
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