Wednesday, 9 February 2011

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The February newsletter:

Dear Friends,

February is already here and that means that once again, Inside Luxury Travel hits the road to start filming the new series! More on that later ...

 Last month (as mentioned in the January newsletter) I visited Budapest. You are able to see what I did and where I stayed by heading to the Leica blogsite - or if you become a friend of Leica (or Inside Luxury Travel) on Facebook. It currently has 85,000 + friends on this site alone ... and countless millions of fans around the world. Leica is THE camera brand. I am very lucky that Leica - last year - invited me to share my travels by writing a fortnightly blog accompanied with a dozen photographs (taken on a Leica). While I write a blog for Leica from every location I film, I will still be short this year of destinations! So if you want guaranteed coverage of your location on the Leica blog, Facebook, Twitter and our own Daily Diary, please contact me on

The new series of Inside Luxury Travel is currently being aired worldwide ... and I am pleased to say that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. We must be doing something right! Please see below for the latest airing dates/locations.

We start filming the 2011 series in Malaysia on February 17th. I am also popping into Hong Kong for a couple of nights after the shoot to recce for possible filming there later this year.

Due to current political & climatic issues occurring around the world, our 2011 filming list may have to be amended but we are still hoping to film (not in any order): Malaysia, Seychelles, Antigua, Sydney, Napa Valley, Big Sur, Wales, Geneva, Sweden, Botswana, Egypt, New Delhi and Mumbai. If you have any feature or hotel/resort ideas, please do not hesitate in contacting us here on:
 Apart from Hungary, in January, I also visited the American cities of Nashville and Chicago.

In Nashville I stayed at the rather lovely & service-orientated Hutton Hotel. This city is a true gem with just so much to do and see. I am not a fan of country & western music but found myself immersed in the scene with visits to Studio B (where Elvis recorded some 230 of his hits) and the Grand Ole Opry which was a riot of classic and contemporary live C&W. I also visited Lynchburg - the home of Jack Daniel's whiskey. I hate the stuff ... and thankfully did not have to sample it as Lynchburg is remarkably located in a "dry" county. I didn't get to Graceland or Dollywood which means a return visit soon!

My return to Chicago was a long time coming. I love Chicago and I also love The Elysian - in my eyes, one of the finest hotels in the USA. It was very cold ... but thankfully snow-free in the city. I am not sure that's the case today!, however. I visited one of my favourite buildings in the world - The Tribune and sat in front two of my favourite pieces of art - Nighthawks and American Gothic. I also consumed huge amounts of pizza! Oh Chicago, how I love thee ...

Karen Luard of KP Communications is looking after the public relations for Inside Luxury Travel. If you have ANY PR enquiries, please contact Karen by email on

For all our friends in India, Inside Luxury Travel now airs on ET Now – the premier business channel in the country - which is owned by The Economic Times. In New Zealand, the show now airs on Travel Channel on the SKY platform.
 I have now written over 800 entries on my daily diary
and it's going strong! Not a day missed in over two years!

Inside Luxury Travel is available in 167 countries, in 18 languages and into over 500 million homes.

We are always looking for interesting, exciting & fun luxury features for the show and if you have any ideas, PLEASE email Emma (producer) on

This series we are working with the likes of Robert Graham (apparel) and Leica ... to add that extra touch to the production. We like this - so any more brands out there that you think we should be working with ... please also contact us!

with love,


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