Saturday, 19 February 2011

I love my whisky. I have around 85 different brands of single malt at home ... it's not a "collection" as that would imply that I store them like a philatelist would hoard stamps. In fact, every bottle (bar one) has been opened to share with friends & family immediately.

Duty Free has always provided me with an easy source for adding to my little hobby. A couple of years ago I came across a Glenmorangie "Cellar 13". It was quite smooth in taste and was polished off rather (too) quickly. Despite searching for it for 2 years I have never found another bottle. I even popped up to the Glenmorangie distillery in Scotland last year to find that it is no longer produced.

Unbelievably today I found another bottle of the Cellar 13 in a small shop on Pulau Tioman an Island in Pahang State ... where I am now am.

Last night we had a lovely dinner at NEO a trendy restaurant in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. We had a great meal ... and got to the hotel (Villa Samadhi) rather late. I am so sad that I only spent one night at the Villa. It features just 21 suites ... boasts lovely views of the Petronas Towers ... and has wonderful & friendly staff. My suite - Number 9 - is called the Loft and has a small but sweet outdoor plunge pool (with views) ... and an outdoor rain shower.

We were up very early to catch a helicopter to Tioman. On the way we filmed a couple of the famous sights of KL. We flew from Subang Airport - the "old" international airport that now is home to private jets, a couple of small internal airlines and helicopter services.

The flight from Subang to Tioman Island was around an hour. We flew over Pahang - the third largest state in Malaysia. It is covered in lush, dense forest ... punctuated with rivers ... and a coastline dotted with sandy beaches. When we landed I was waiting for our transfer boat and I popped into a local shop ... which had a case of Cellar 13 ... I only bought ONE bottle!

We start filming tomorrow at JapaMala - the only "5 star" resort on the island. I have a wonderful suite ... but more on that tomorrow ...

By the way, the island has loads of monkeys wandering about! I hope I get some sleep tonight!

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