Thursday, 10 February 2011

Roy Orbison! Now it's his fabulous music that got me through the day. I want to start a campaign to get him inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame ... but as I don't know my "yeehaw" from my "yeehee" yet, I think I will leave it to the professional lobbyists.

It has rained ALL day. I got soaked right through walking the streets of London. On a day like this, the Capital is just miserable and horrible and just ... yuk.

I wore a bright white raincoat & hat and on Bond Street was stopped by a rather pretty lady who said that I looked like Inspector Clouseau ... (but I don't even have a moustache) ... is that a compliment??????? You tell me ...

SO much to do ... SO little time.

This time next week - MALAYSIA!

Inspector C - looking for a "berm" ...
That's more like me! Hurundi V Bakshi - seen in one of the best movies EVER - The Party!
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