Monday, 30 January 2012

What a day!

Started off at Seven Fathoms Rum in George Town - run by Walker Romanica. This rum is distilled using local sugar cane and is matured seven fathoms undersea ... 42 feet ... giving it its unique taste. Yum.

Then we went on the water with chef Niven Patel from The Brasserie. The restaurant - in Cricket Square - is one of the finest on the Cayman Islands. We first went out on the water to make a conch cerviche ... before returning to the restaurant to prepare a red snapper dish. Both most lovely!

In the evening, I met with dear old friends at Bamboo - a local sushi restaurant ...

I am tired!
 with Walker Romanica  - the owner of Seven Fathoms Rum
 Chef Niven Patel from The Brasserie

 dear friends - Al (happy birthday dude) and Susanna ... xx

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