Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boot Camp Day 4:

I love ballet! I really do ... I try and go as often as I can and one of the highlights of our Prague episode was an evening backstage at the Hungarian Ballet ... it was sensational!

Yes - I am still here! I haven't escaped! In fact, I am really quite enjoying this week.

Up early again and into the gym for 45-minutes of warming up ... after a quick breakfast, we headed out onto The Chiltern Way for a 4-mile trot ... before a circuit session on the tennis court. By this stage, every muscle and bone was aching ... but watching my fellow Fit Farmers (?) really, really pushing themselves gave me the added umph to battle on.

At midday we all gathered in Studio 2 to meet with a ballet teacher ... Pippa (aka Pip). Yes, by the way, you have to have a posh name to dance ballet - like Pip or Darcy ... not Sharon or Varun! We learnt grand plie, demi plie, eleve ... Position 1 to 5 ... and yes, it was painful ... but it was great fun. I dance like an elephant who has drunk too much coconut-cocktails - by the way ... I think Pip was very unimpressed! I did break into a sweat ... and the music was lovely ... so there were a couple of positives!

After lunch (healthy again! grrr!) we had the afternoon off to rest ... or not ... I did some work and also went for a walk AND a swim! How righteous do I feel? Ha!

Before dinner I had a relaxing and rejuvenating massage!!

"I feeeeel goooood!" (Jame Brown ... a great singer and dancer ... unlike me who is rubbish at both!).
Pippa ... (and yes, I should steer clear of tight t-shirts!)
Bouncing Ballet! Wowee! I did not try this ... ha!
I did tell Moo ... she is VERY pleased! She doesn't do health farms - she does do chicken farms though!
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