Friday, 20 January 2012

Boot Camp Day 7:

Over ... & out! I have come to the end of the "official" boot camp ... I am in deep, deep, dark, dark pain ...

I am actually here until Sunday ... so tomorrow I will do some soft exercise ... but nothing too strenuous ... that may change if I get the urge.

So - awake rather early (again) but this time we headed out for a trot around Champneys. The resort is set in 170 acres of countryside ... so there is a GREAT deal of space here!

After a breakfast of smoke salmon bagels (yum) we played some outdoor games before some underwater exercise ...

Lunch was a king prawn Thai curry ... I didn't like it at all ... bleugh!

Then we went on a "Powerwalk".

There are - I think - five main reasons why people do a Fit Camp at this time of year:

1) Those who a relatively fit who need a bit of motivation - something different to add to their fitness regime
2) Those who want to lose a couple of pounds after the Xmas indulgence
3) Those who really want to start getting fit - health, age or overweight
4) Those who have a goal
5) Those who need to change their lives

I am Number 4 ... with a bit of 5 and 3 thrown in there for good measure. With the NY Marathon in November looming ... I need to get with the program ... and this afternoon I managed a 3-mile trot in just over 30 minutes ... this has given me a lot of a positivity! I can do it - I will do it ...

The day did end with a massage ... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Antony & myself double up as tea-boys ... (herbal of course!)
We played cricket today ... and this was one of the funniest and most spectacular dismissals in the history of cricket ... Sherry missed the ball and swung at her stumps ... what you see above is the moment it happened! Awesome! Even Sherry is shocked!
You can run Shazza, you can hide Shazza ... but you can't escape Shazza!
The pool ...
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