Wednesday, 4 January 2012

I did not leave the house today. Instead I sat at my desk working ... and listened to the radio. Eighteen odd years ago, a young black man was knifed to death in a racist attack ... and due to the incompetence of the police and lack of political will, his assailants were never brought to book ... until today. Two men were sentenced to over 14 years in jail for Stephen Lawrence's murder. There were another three or four men that night in the gang who are still free ... they are violent, racist thugs ... who - I pray - will one day face prosecution and imprisonment ...

Anyway - I know I live in a democracy, but I was rather shocked to hear some people's views in London. While the vast majority abhor racism ... there were many who hate all "blacks, Asians, Jews ... and anyone who ain't English" ... well, that counts me out folks! Really? In 2012 we are still arguing this matter? Come July/August when the Olympics (yuk) hits the UK, then there really will be every colour under the sun here ... I wonder how "those" people will cope ... stay in bed all day?

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