Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boot Camp Day 8:

SO - how well did I do this week? More about that at end of today's Diary entry ...

I am here all by myself today - sadly. The rest of the group have gone home as I am here to do some filming tomorrow.

So what have I done today? Up early for THE weigh-in ... the breakfast .... the another Kriotherapy session where Renata the adorably crazy therapist stuck me in the chamber at - 140 degrees for four minutes (as opposed to - 135 degrees at 3 minutes - the usual) ... then it was 40 minutes on a "power plate" where I got a fabulous work-out.

THEN it was time for lunch ... I mean LUNCH!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it was all healthy stuff - but there no was calorie controlled stuff ... and I didn't unexpectedly pig-out ... instead just munched on good stuff ... I felt quite pious!

After lunch - a colonic ... ouch!

I finished off my afternoon with a relaxing mani/pedi ... tonight ... dinner and rest!

SOOOO ................

OK - well - I lost 7.5 lbs (3.5 kgs) in body weight ... lost 7 cms off my waist ... 6 cms off my waist and gained 1 cm on my chest ... all in all ... I think I have done quite well ... !!!!

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