Sunday, 29 January 2012

It's been a full day of filming ... and what a day it has been ...

First up, we drove 15 minutes to meet Carol Hay - the owner of Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly (jam) - which is the premier condiment in the country. She uses "scotch bonnet" peppers in her jelly which is the hottest type one in the world. Carol showed me how she creates her jelly - a 24 hour process - and I made the mistake of licking a knife that had just sliced a pepper ... I can still feel the burn.

Carol is just such a lovely lady ... and her cottage industry is quite successful here on Cayman.

From there we popped into Ambassador Divers which is run by Jason Washington - located just 5 minutes drive from the resort. With Divemaster (Divemistress?) Tara Hodgins and the Head Chef of Michael's Genuine Restaurant - Thomas Tennant - we went on scuba dive to harpoon some lionfish. The lionfish is the biggest pest in the Caribbean ... the species is actually from the Indo-Pacific but has found its way here and is eating everything & breeding like ... rabbits! It is wrecking the ecosystem.

So it's open season for killing the lionfish and we speared eight of them in twenty minutes ...

We then went back to the restaurant where Thomas prepared a fabulous tartare ... and a wood-fired roasted fish too ... both delicious.

It's been an exhausting but wonderful day!

With Carol


Thomas and Tara

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