Wednesday, 29 February 2012

DAY 2: Thailand - Bangkok

Woke up with "Varungitis" as Jack puts it.

Yes - I have kind of lost my voice ... a mixture of bad air in the plane and me leaving the air-conditioning on in my suite last night! Silly me!

So - no voice. While that is music (!) to the ears of Tim and Nicola ... it's quite a pain for me ... as I was meant to be recording some Culinary Travel pieces today! Instead we will do these tomorrow ...

The 29th of February! Does anyone know anyone that was actually proposed to by their girlfriend?

The boys and Nicola have been filming around the hotel today ... and been having fun by all accounts.

I am living in a stunning 2-bedroom suite ... that overlooks the golf course! Apparently only the very rich and royalty are allowed to play on the course ... I am just allowed to look at it.

The weather has been superb ...

I am getting very excited about my impending trip to visit the elephants of northern Thailand later this week.
I wish!
Tim & Nicola at work
My home in Bangkok
Reclining Buddha
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