Sunday, 5 February 2012


One of my first jobs in journalism was to write on American Football ... and to this day, Superbowl Sunday still has me all excited. I have been to two Superbowls so I know what the feeling is like to be at one. Crazy!

Sadly, I am not on top form today, feel quite yukky and may not stay up to watch the extravaganza ... which this year is being aired live on the BBC.

It's the New England Patriots vs the New York Giants ... if I had a "team" it would be the Chicago Bears but today I am plumping for the Giants! GO GIANTS!

The game is being played in Indianapolis ... four years ago, the Giants beat the Patriots ... oooh! It's going to be a great match ...

Part of the event is the half-time live event ... this year's the Bride of Wildenstein 2 is singing ... and of the course the adverts are legendary ... I did spot this one with Jerry Seinfeld that made me smile ...

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