Monday, 6 February 2012

My week at Champneys was brilliant! I lost weight, lost inches, gained new friends and gained a new love for exercise BUT sadly I picked up an injury which I (in my stupidity) did not address ... until today! Apparently I yanked a muscle in my right arm which needed so physiotherapy ... which I received today. I also have a horrible coldy thing - cough, splutter, pain SO have spent most of the day in bed ... day-time television is RUBBISH! I want to be well so I can get back to my desk!

Oli the Editor says that Culinary Travels is looking GOOOOOOD! I am so excited to see Episodes 2 - 8 which he is editing ...

The Giants won last night! Awesome!

England lost the cricket! Disgraceful!

I have no snow here BUT James (remember him??) sent me a photo of his snowman. Impressive eh?

Bravo Boys!
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