Thursday, 1 March 2012

DAY 3: Thailand - Bangkok

It's been a fun - albeit tiring - day here in sunny Bangkok.

My sleep pattern has been wide and varied since arriving here and today was no exception. After a crazy night watching Law & Order, snoozing and chasing the sunrise with my Leica ... I had a quick breakfast before dear Nicola stuck me in a tuk-tuk for a tour of the city - while the boys filmed on-property.

My cough had not improved overnight despite the introduction of antibiotics and the dust of Bangkok did not help matters. Wow though - a tuk-tuk tour ... maybe a bit basic but great fun. Zipping through the traffic ... sitting right next to the exhaust pipes of 30-year old buses ... jumping off & on at will ...

Bangkok has a wide & varied collection of aromas ... many of them, truly ... truly ... awful.

We also went on a trip on the Chao Phraya River ... darting in & out of the watery streets of the city ... stopping outside temples and feeding the enormous & ever-hungry catfish ... ah ... what a great few hours ...

Back at the hotel it was time to cook with Chef Ann - who is the Executive Chef at Spice Market - here in the Four Seasons hotel - one of most acclaimed Thai restaurants in the city. She taught me how to prepare two authentic dishes including Pad Thai ... so delicious ... the next series of Culinary Travels will be rather "spicy" ...

Went for a quick visit to a couple of local hotels this evening - wow - Bangkok is changing! Lots of shiny, new boutique and "grand" hotels are popping up everywhere. This city is a MUST-see, MUST-stay, MUST-explore travel destination....

Our hectic tour of the country continues tomorrow as we head to one of the greatest travel experiences in the world ...

March 1st - already - REALLY?

 The crew filming Chef Ann
 So - what's the best beer to drink with Thai cuisine?

 Nicola gets eaten by a shark
 I fight back
 The reclining Buddha

 Bring on the dancing girls
A statue of me?
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