Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day 6 - Thailand - Chiang Rai

Sadly my last full day here at The Tented Camp.

Did not sleep well ... it was quite chilly last night and although I had a hot-water bottle, my feet refused to warm up! Grrrrr!

Up for 0600 as a herd of elephants needed to be fed!

As the mist rose, 10 elephants of all ages ... adults to babies wandered up to a breakfast station to gorge on every kind of fruit and vegetable available. These lovely animals must eat 10% of the body weight every day ... and if you have the mass of around 1 TON, that's a lot of food!

Of course, I spent much time riding Yuki ...

Basic commands to an elephant (if you happen to meet one on Madison, Oxford Street or the Champs d'Elysees!):

Go forward - pai, turn - baen, stop - how, go backward - soak, to get on (lift leg) - song soong, to get off (leg lift) - hub soong, lower head - tag long, sit - map long, stand up - look, trunk up - bon soong, slow down (!) - goy and finally drink - bong!

After this we headed down to meet the Chef of the Camp, Chef Pisan ... who showed me how to make a soup and a Thai curry - which cooked in bamboo stems on an open fire. Yum.

The boys headed to Laos for the afternoon while I sat miserably in my tent - working! Actually, I am in heaven - how can I be miserable? Ha!

Tomorrow - Chiang Mai ...

 I was kissed by an elephant and I liked it ... Aam ... 
 Tea for one ... with added baby elephant ...
 Little piglet!
 My sweet Yuki
 With mate John Roberts - Director of Elephants - awesome job title
 Chef Pisan cooks - I goof!
The guys (sans moi) in Laos
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