Monday, 12 March 2012


We left Koh Samui yesterday evening at 4.45 pm and arrived (via Bangkok) in London at 5.15 am ... I am sure there was a 7-hour time change involved ... so many hours in planes and in lounges. Thank goodness for airline lounges!

Yes - the Thai adventure is finally and quite sadly over.

Our last night was spent in Chaweng where I watched a rather - erm - interesting - erm - show in which "Tina Turner", "Celine Dion" (!) and "Britney Spears" all performed ... it was the famous Starz lady-boy show. OK - it was truly, truly awful but none-the-less, one of the 1001 "must see experiences before you die". It was funny ... actually hilarious ... bizarre ... but strangely entertaining in a Muppet Show meets Club Tropicana (Havana) ... 
"Tina Turner" was ... brilliant!

Our last day was spent filming another food piece with Alex - the Executive Chef at the Resort - and some general filming before the inevitable ... the sad farewells ... to dear Nicola - who spent TWELVE whole days with us ... and did not have any kind of breakdown ... and to Thailand ... 

Bangkok - the bustling city. My favourite memory - the tuktuk tour of the city.
Chiang Mai - the moated city. Loved the water buffalo (Tong & Tone) & Sumittra the Therapist at the Resort and the foot massage spa run by ex-convicts in town.
Koh Samui - beach paradise. Will always remember the Talay Suite, Alex's "Spanish bread and jamon", the beach ... the stars & Moon
Chiang Rai - Brigitte & Yoni (wife & Camp Manager) ... and my sweet, sweet friend - Yuki the Elephant ...

It's good to remember ... it's even better to be remembered!

Farewell Thailand
Farewell Nicola
Hello "Celine" ... Hello "Christine"
Jack and his new friends ... 
Tim ... and ... "Celine" ... 
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