Saturday, 15 January 2011

Whay-yay Man!

If you are from this area (Newcastle, Sunderland ... Bishop Auckland) and I have written that incorrectly, then I am deeply sorry. Anyway - I think it means – “hello” in Geordie!

Accents are a funny thing. On my 6-hour drive here last night, I stopped at several service stations for coffee and spoke to so many people with different accents. It has made me realise how – even in such a small country as England – people speak SO differently depending on their geography.

For my American friends – “Geordie” - by the way - is/IS Cheryl Cole.

I am actually IN Bishop Auckland – 30 miles south of Newcastle. It’s been a VERY cold, rainy & blustery day here in the north-east of England. I have seen loads of family and have eaten much food – so now time for bed.

I have realised that with all my foreign travels, it’s actually quite nice to stay “at home” sometimes and just see the people I love and miss ... properly. Whether this is what they want is another matter ...!
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