Sunday, 23 January 2011

Greetings from Chicago! After three nights in lovely Nashville, I am now in the lovely Windy City. I am staying at one of my favourite hotels in the USA - The Elysian.

I am writing this entry from my hospital ... oops hotel bed as I am exhausted after a rather long night! The first thing I did on arriving here was to pop into Pizano's for an enormous pizza. It was yum and I watched the Bears/Packers game too. Bears lost ... boohoo. Everything was fine until I was accosted by a rather drunk lady who made the last quarter of the game quite miserable for me! Grrrrrrr!

The pizza was lovely BUT so cheesy and thick that I am having serious heart palpitations (hence hospital bed). I am now pleased that I actually did not make it to the game itselfv-- it is SO cold here, minus 7 during the day ... brrrrrr ... and I would have been miserable after the loss ..

So, last night in Nashville ... dinner at Puckett's, a new and happening dinner venue and then we all went to the Grand Old Opry ... a 2 and a quarter hour country & western musical extravaganza. It features some of the greats of past & present. It is live on stage and the radio. The square-dancing was awesome, as was the Bluegrass and all the other bands too. I have never been a fan of country & western ... and I am not still ... but the Opry was thoroughly enjoyable and definitely one of the best "concerts" I have ever been to.

After the Opry, we went dancing in a honky-tonk, drinking in some bars and also sang karaoke! The girls on the trip sang Jolene and us boys - Twist & Shout ... Ferris Bueller ... Chicago!

Ah Chicago ... watch this space ...  
 "Shake it all baby now, twist & shout ..."

 We get ready for a night of some singin' & dancin' ... yeeeehaaaaaa!

 Thompson Square
 Ricky Skaggs (a country legend)
 Michelle and Alex sing Dolly Parton's Jolene! They were VERY good!
 My home in Chicago!
 The fans hope ... in vain ...
My favourite photo of the Nashville trip ... Douglas from St Ermin's and myself sitting on the VERY stool on which Elvis used to sit when he recorded over 230 songs at Studio B. We just got the giggles ... maybe at some of the ludicrous C&W song titles ... MY favourite ... "I hate every bone in your body - except mine" ... hahahahahahaha!
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