Monday, 3 January 2011

Today is a Public Holiday here in the UK but I have been at my desk since daybreak getting ready for the week, January and 2011!

On Wednesday I start travelling again which I am VERY excited about. First stop - the capital city of Hungary - Budapest!

Budapest – venue of not one but two UNESCO World Heritage sites – is the only capital in the world boasting nearly 100 thermal wells and 12 spas, where 19 million litres of thermal water breaks to the surface each and every day. But do you know, for instance, what an experience it is to enjoy a night time bathing party in the Rudas or a romantic engagement on Margaret Island? The whole city is packed with fortifications and buildings from Roman times, Turkish baths still in use today, the heritages of the Gothic and Baroque eras, and the incredibly rich architecture of the Art Nouveau. There again, have you ever gazed out across the entire city from the vantage point of the dome of the Basilica ... ooh aah!

I like the idea of a night time bathing party .... heehee!

I watched a rather kooky but lovely movie yesterday - The Brothers Bloom - parts of which were filmed in Prague! How lovely the city looked in the sunshine. How the production got permission to film on the Charles Bridge I will never know ...

OK - work work work!

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