Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Ah! Farewell to Chicago and to the USA ... but just for a short time.

It's still rather brrrrr here but I have been wrapping up warmly and snugly so that has helped immensely.

Last night I went out with my dearest friend in Chicago  - Kimberly - and we had a super supper at RL (Ralph Lauren). Escargots with garlic butter - yum. I stink though! haha!

This morning breakfast with the Elysian dream-team - Bridget (PR), Kevin (General Manager) and Joe (Sales & Marketing). Wolfed down a HUGE and YUMMY chocolate croissant before popping up to the 54th floor to get some more (and sadly dull) photos of the city skyline. Did some shopping at the 900 Shops - a bargain is to be had in every store and soon I am off to the airport. Tomorrow, I will awake in London!!! Whoo-hoo!

These past few days have been brilliant ... Nashville and Chicago ...

OH ... and finally .. Leica from yesterday - the answer is: BUDAPEST and

Kevin, Bridget and Joe

54 floors up ...
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