Thursday, 20 January 2011

Greetings from Nashville, Tennessee!

I am now - finally - at my hotel - The Hutton - on this very dark and snowy evening.

The flight from London to Chicago was surprisingly acceptable. From once, BA did themselves proud - pleasant staff and a pleasant journey. I am NOT good at day flights so the idea of 8 and a half hours in a tin can filled me with dread. I decided that after a couple of 9 a.m. whiskies, I would watch movies the whole way across.

I started with Wall Street: Just When You Think Gekko Could Not Get Any Greedier - He Does. Apart from the comedic cameo from Charlie Sheen, the movie was actually not as fun or indeed "tough" as I had hoped. Gekko drinks JW Blue Label (good man) and smokes Davidoffs (good man) but that's where my general interest ended ...

Movie "two" was The Town. It was excellent until the end. Affleck blew it with a ... well for those who haven't seen it, you must ... but be prepared for a Disney rather than Tarantino finale. The Town is set in Boston. I didn't recognise it much except for one of the bridges. I do miss Boston and the pizza ...

Finally - The American. That Clooney is a lucky fellow - surrounding himself with pretty Italian bellas! I need to see the last 20 minutes though! It's an odd movie I think.

Chicago looked and IS cold ... - 7 degrees! Brrrrrr

The flight to Nashville was just 60 minutes and I sat next to a chap called Mickey Donald - Goofy to his friends. How I laughed!

OK - here now ... where's Dolly ... where's Elvis?

Chicago skyline from over the wing ... brrrrr
Welcome to Dollywood!
Rocking chairs at arrivals! All they need is some chewin' baccy' and they will be at home!
our transport to the hotel
Douglas McHugh - GM of the St Ermin's Hotel in London - soon to open .. in our "gangsta ride" ... country & western stylee ...
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