Sunday, 30 January 2011

OK - knowing that I have a pretty full week ahead of me -  I did very little today.
I did buy a new fish for my fishtank. He's a funny looking fellow ... gold with black bits and he eats gravel rather than fishfood. I say he ... he may be a she ... anyway ... I have named the fish Bubb.

So - I have read & seen reports that there is widescale looting in Egypt and priceless treasures are being stolen including gold sarcophagi. I hope that this is not the case.

Poor Andy Murray. He just looked tired from beginning to end. He is only 23 ... he has a few more years in him.

Finally - there IS a God. The climber who fell 1000 feet (300 odd metres) ... landed ... and just got to his feet and walked off. He has just a few cuts and bruises ... now that's what I call a miracle.
Adam Potter ... the luckiest man in the world today ...
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