Friday, 7 January 2011

the view from my suite

Today could have been one of the worst of my life ... but all is okay again. Let me explain. Gemima the Pooch (aka Moo), as some of you know, has not been all that well. Apart from wonky back legs and losing a few teeth (she is eleven - a little old lady!) she contracted atrophy a couple of years ago ... which led to glaucoma in both her eyes. Basically her eyes were bulging with pain and only special ey-drops helped keep the pain away. She went completely blind a year ago.

Over the past week, her eyes have really been hurting and a decision had to be made. Either she would be put to sleep and wake up in Pup-Heaven or have her eyes removed. She is a happy pooch - eats well - snores loudly - plays with other animals and wags her tail so hard sometimes that I think she is trying to fly ... and after much research and speaking to vets, the advice was to remove her eyes, therefore taking away her pain.

The problem was that she is old and it was touch and go to whether she would get through an operation and the anaesthtic. Anyway, I got home in time to take her to the vet and I am pleased to say that she is now home, in her bed (snoring) and recovering from her op. She does not have pain in her eyes ... and will be back to her Moo-self in three days after a course of antibiotics. She knows her way around anyway as she has had to rely on her nose/ears and the kittens ... so all is well with Moo ... I am so relieved ...

I am back from Budapest. This morning, the weather was glorious - sunshine and a warm breeze! Sadly I was on my way home. This was a brilliant 2-night stay at a superb property. If you are looking for somewhere "different" and you have a sense of adventure - Budapest could be for you!

In Prague, you get what you see ... in Budapest you have to find "it" ... and "it's" there, trust me!

It's been pointed out that I haven't reviewed the hotel yet - tomorrow please - tomorrow!

Right - I need a large whisky and large portion of fries with ketchup! It's been that kind of day ...
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