Saturday, 22 January 2011

 Up early and out of the door .... it's a three hour drive in one direction to Graceland ... and a three hour drive in the other direction to Dollywood ... we didn't have six hours to burn ... so instead we went on a 90-minute drive to Lynchburg - the home of Jack Daniels. I am NOT a fan of this alcoholic beverage but I was sure that a visit to the distillery would be a positive experience ... and it was!
 Jack was the first legal distiller in America ... getting permission at 16 years old in 1866 to produce the stuff. The factory in Lynchburg is the ONLY place in the world that makes Jack Daniel's whiskey (it is NOT a bourbon) ... and that is tens of MILLIONS of bottles a year.
 A chap called Bubba or was it Chad (?) took us on a one hour tour of the entire distillery and I even ended up buying a couple of bottles. We were NOT allowed to sample any JD as Lynchburg is on a DRY county! No drinking allowed anywhere - how crazy is that?
 Lunch was a hearty affair and I tried fried green tomatoes ... and they were DELICIOUS!
 I have been to The Parthenon in Athens, Greece. Nashville is known as "Athens of the South" as it has an exact replica of the Parthenon just 5 minutes from the hotel in the Centenary Park! It was built 1897.
Inside you will also find  a 42 foot, 10 inch statue to Goddess Athena. OK, so it does look a wee hokey but still mildly impressive. There are also casts of the famous Greek sculptures that were removed from Athens by Lord Elgin between 1801 and 1804. I believe that the Greek people would like them back but the British Museum refuses to return them ... hmmmm ...

Tonight we go dancing, singing and enjoying Nashville by night! Yay!
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