Friday, 28 May 2010

One wonderful thing about living in the country is that you can get animals! I have a Bert and an Ernie - two black sheep! They are the sweetest creatures on Earth! So tame ... so loving ... and full of baas!

Last year on the South Island of New Zealand - at Blanket Bay just outside Queenstown - I learnt how to shear a sheep. It is NOT easy and I do remember nearly killing my poor victim.

Anyway - today - Bert & Ernie had 4 visitors from the local vets to shear their fleeces and ensure they have all the necessary inoculations for the next few months.

Lovely local vet Holly turned up with a professional shearer ... and a bag of sprays and medicines.

Bert & Ernie have had rather thick fleeces of late and the hot weather has made them hot & bothered but Richard took just a couple of minutes each to turn them into naked sheepies, ready to face the summer!

I am not sure the boys really enjoyed it BUT they look like lambs again! Love it!

Quick funny story from last summer ... the boys were frothing at the mouth so I rang the vet in a panic. Sheep have 6 stomachs and they had been eating too many apples and were basically drunk! The apples had fermented in their stomachs! The apple tree has been cut down! Ha!

It's a long Bank Holiday weekend here in England ... I am doing NOTHING! Prague next week ... yay!

Song of the Day: Crazy - Seal

Weather: Ahhhhhhh! :)

that's my bum ...! The poor kiwi sheep ...!
bert & ernie - at 3 months old
baby-bert (pre-leica days)
bert early this afternoon
bert during the shearing!
naked bertie with fleece
baby- ernie
ernie early this afternoon
ernie during!
ernie as he now stands! GORGEOUS!
richard and lovely holly (vet)
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