Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I have political views. They are private.

I do however have "public" views of what is fair/unfair ... democratic/undemocratic.

When the war in Iraq started, a chap called Brian Haw, legally, camped outside the Houses of Parliament in London demonstrating what he believes to be a war that was wrong, illegal and totally unjustified.

Through snow, rain, sunshine (and the occasional change of Government), he has sat in or outside his tent protesting ... with banners and the odd vocal torrent of ire directed at our esteemed (joke) lawmakers.

In the run-up to the Queen's Speech - outlining what the Government intends to do over the next few months - he and a fellow protester were arrested and forcibly removed ...

The comedian Mayor of London, Boris "hello I am a bumbling buffoon Tory boy" Johnson is trying to rid Parliament Square of all protesters because he believes they are menace. Menace they may be - but they are still a necessary part of our democracy. Without people like Brian Haw to shout about perceived injustices in the world, we may as well live in a lawless society.

I met Mr Haw once while walking Gemima the Pooch to work. He was polite, gave Moo a stroke and provided her with a new smell (Eau de Protester). He hasn't stolen money from the public purse (unlike many, many of our politicians) ... he has just his voice - and the authorities want to take it away. Shame on them....

Today - indeed - is yet another sad day for British democracy ...

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