Sunday, 30 May 2010

I have had a lovely day sitting in the sunshine, doing a wee bit of gardening, visiting the local Summer street fair ... and avoiding the radio!

This morning it was all 70's music and this afternoon my favourite radio station announced one pet obituary after another. It was all too sad & depressing!

ANYWAY - I have never used Avon before! You know - "bing bong, the Avon lady" etc BUT I have started using this product called "Skin so Soft" ... it smells lovely, keeps my skin all soft and is non-greasy ... BUT what it does the BEST is keep midges and mosquitoes at bay! I recently found out that the Navy SEALS in the USA use this stuff on night & swamp missions!


Anyway, I sprayed it on today and walked into a mosquito-saturated part of my garden and guess what - NO bites!!! Long live Avon and long live Skin so Soft!

Song of the Day: By My Side - INXS

Weather: Summery

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