Saturday, 6 October 2012

These days the word "luxury" is used to describe a plethora of brands - from toilet paper to 3-star hotels and from cat food to even the humble trouser press. The word "luxury" (and possibly "love"?) is the most bastardised and misunderstood in the English language.

Sadly, in the eye of the consumer, using "luxury" to describe a product makes the quality of true marques somewhat redundant ... using it is - often - as untrustworthy as a politician ...

Okay, I am a wee exhausted ... so I am now rambling ... focus!

ANYWAY - I received a gift yesterday in the form of a nice, new, shiny pair of Hunter wellington boots ... from the "Balmoral Sovereign" range no-less ... (they did NOT come from a pr company or anything like that, by the way) ...

As far as wellies are concerned, these are a pair of Bentleys.

Early this morning I stomped about St James Park (in the dark) and this afternoon gallumped through 1 foot high streams to test-drive them ... and I am pleased to report that my feet remained warm (the Shearling insoles helped here) and quite dry ... and now I think I need some Hunter boot socks (shooting) and Shearling mittens to compliment my new footwear! There is only one downside ... driving in wellies is not a great idea ... I nearly backed my car into a fence as I couldn't feel the pedals!

Hunter wellies - TRUE luxury ...

A glass of Rust en Vrede pinot noir beckons.

This weekend is going to be very quiet - the weather is looking cool, dry & sunny - I feel a trip to the seaside coming on for tomorrow (more boot testing)!

This time next week ... well ... you'll see!

Song of the Day: Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion

(and before you think I have lost my musical marbles ... this song is dedicated to a VERY, VERY special couple in Thailand - who love elephants as much as I. Miss you guys ...)

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