Tuesday, 9 October 2012

After 17 days of being ravaged by mosquitoes, drenched in sweet & sticky monsoon rain and burning in hot (post-thundershower) sunshine ... it's quite lovely to be out in the cold, wet, windy and generally dreary conditions here in south England. I love dressing up for a cold day!

I went down to the seaside with a dear friend for lunch. There was no-one on the beach (no surprise there) but the beach-front restaurant was full of people .. and dogs of all shapes and sizes ... from an enormous Bull Mastiff to a cute & cuddly (!) tanned Cocker Spaniel (called Paddy).

During my travels, I do get to eat some of the finest cuisine in the world. Miss Vy's in Hoi An, for instance, has (rightly) the reputation of offering the best Vietnamese cuisine in the country SO it's lovely to find a new "best" on my own door-step. The fish burger I devoured today was simply ...perfectly-divine! It was crafted ... the fish was freshly caught ... the bun was freshly baked ... the lettuce was freshly plucked and the ketchup was fresh from a Heinz bottle. The fries were delicious, the cider filled with zesty-appley-boozy-bubbles and even the salad was ... erm ... nice.

There was even a take-away treats box for Moo ...

Song of the Day: Silenced by the Night - Keane

 Raining, cold, windy ... BUT loving it! "Gum boots" and hat keeping me dry & warm ...
 dear Charles ... 
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