Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I wish everyone reading this Diary entry was here with me right now. I am about to sleep - literally - under the stars in a "Starbed" - in the heart of a volcanic crater!

So we flew out of Elsa's this morning ... in a north-westerly direction - over Meru, over the Nyambeni Hills and arrived at Loisaba ... 45 minutes later.

We are now west of Mt Kenya.

Loisaba is set in the Lekepia volcanic crater ... the main lodge has 8 cottages, 1 x 8-bedroom house, swimming pool, tennis court, spa, dining room and a lounge (the "mess") that has stunning views from the balcony.

The lodge ALSO has seven "Kiboko Starbeds" - 20 minutes drive away ... Kiboko means "hippo dam" as there is a dam below filled with hippos!!

A Starbed is a bed on wheels, 10 metres off the ground, surrounded in mosquito netting that allows you to watch the stars ... all night! The stars look wonderful in southern Africa ... long day tomorrow ... long day today ... need sleep ... LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I am in HEAVEN!

Song of the Day: Song of the Stars - Dead Can Dance
 My Masai warrior companion here ... Solomon!
With the adorable Lodge pooch - Fupi (short) - 14 years of gorgeousness!
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