Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A great day of filming!

We drove 10 minutes to the Wave House Hotel ... the home of "Flow Riding" on the island.

I have tried (& just passed) surfing ... Waikiki Beach in Hawaii ... ahhhh ... and Flow Riding is a sport from San Diego that pumps 50 kph water up a ramp and you "surf" it! It's NOT easy ... but I managed to stand for all of about ... 10 seconds! I got very wet and my surf-master-sensei-teacher Charlie Goodwin was very kind at my relative failure! It's NOT easy ... even for the professionals!

Then we drove to Porrores to meet with Barbara Mesquida Mora - one of the finest winemakers in Majorca. Wine has been produced here for over 2000 years ... but only in the last 10 years has "good" wine been made. Barbara's wine is quite nice indeed!

A good day!

Song of the Day: The Final Countdown - Europe

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