Friday, 26 October 2012

It's "international drink champagne day" ... which is marginally more fun than "international speak like a pirate day" or "international walk like a duck day".

I listened to an excellent radio show today which featured the American army chap who had his finger on the button during the Cuba missile crisis - which took place exactly 50 years ago. He was scared witless that his finger would trigger the end of the world.

Just think, the world could have been "over" 50 years ago ... completely, utterly ... and I suppose the "champagne" region in France would have been wiped out.

SO if there was one thing to toast to, it would be that the Americans/Russians saw sense ... phew.

Have a great weekend my friends and have a flute of champagne on me (Billecart-Salmon Rose is my favourite by the way ... )

Have a GREAT weekend. 

Song of the Day: Enola Gay - OMD

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