Wednesday, 31 October 2012

One day soon I am going to retire as "host" of Inside Luxury Travel. Inevitably, I will be too old to hit golf balls, drink champagne, eat lobster and pace around enormous hotel suites! So what do? How about cleaning fish tanks?

This morning we drove to the Palma Aquarium (20 minutes from the Mardavall) to dive in The Big Blue ... (ahh - Le Grand Bleu) ... the deepest shark tank in Europe. Sharks, rays, sea bass ... and many other species live in this huge tank. My dive master was Chris Keller - the curator of the aquarium. It was just so much fun! I wasn't nibbled on my anything ... but the sea bass were a bit boisterous ...

From there it was over to the Golf Son Muntaner course - part of Arabella Golf - that also owns Son Vida ... Here I played a round with one of the PGA pros - Nico Loprete ... and I didn't do too badly!

All in all ... a tiring day ... but am now over in Port Soller ... and a new resort ... more on that tomorrow!

Song of the Day: Hooverville - The Christians

Yes - ME (with Chris watching to make sure I am not eaten by a shark)

Lion Fish - YUM!

Spot the Ball!

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