Saturday, 13 October 2012

Earlier this week, I was questioning what "luxury" meant. I think - for me - regaining time is a luxury  - nice, warm memories - ... and tonight, I was transported through a very happy part of my life (from 15 onwards, mind) ... remembering some of the girls I danced with and kissed (!) ... through the music (end of disco songs) of George Michael.

So - he was on stage for around 2 hours - and therefore, I paid £1+ a minute for this concert.

Yes - he played some of his "new" stuff (which I didn't know), yes he MURDERED the likes of New Order's True Faith (and I mean hung, drawn and quarter) BUT YES - he also took me back to a Different Corner, Star People, Freedom, Cowboys & Angels ... ahhhh ... kiss, kiss - cuddle, cuddle!

I do absolutely love live music - I have seen some of the greats live - Sinatra, Freddie, Bowie, Prince - and as concerts go, George did really very well. I was only 6 rows from the front which helped ... and I was surrounded by gay men and ladies (the blue rinse brigade) who knew every word to every song ... so there were many voices ...

It was a pleasant evening ... and the orchestra facet worked!

Kenya tomorrow - back to work ...

Song of the Day: Star People - Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou

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