Monday, 15 October 2012

Greetings from Elsa's Kopje - a luxury safari lodge in the heart of the Meru National Park ... in ... KENYA!

The overnight flight from London to Nairobi was painless ... I slept! Yes, a large shot of whisky ... a couple of aspirin ... and I was "dead" to the world until I was awoken by the cabin crew.

From there, we took a 50-minute flight north-east to land here ... my first lodge on the show here in Kenya.

We were accompanied by Stefano Cheli - who with his wife Liz - own Cheli & Peacock - "THE" Kenyan luxury tour operator.

Elsa's Kopje -- kopje means "small hill" and Elsa was the lioness that George & Joy Adamson raised i.e. Born Free -- is the only lodge in Meru ... there are no fences ... the game run wild ... and tomorrow I will get to see them! Yes - BORN FREE - was a real story and it took place ... HERE!

I am visiting Kenya at the end of the dry season ... and the rains have started albeit at night. It looks barren at the moment BUT the landscape will soon be lush & green.

I am staying in Elsa's Private House ... complete with swimming pool. More to come on that ...

I have just had a massage - courtesy of "Mama" - who is strong and gentle at the same time! I MUST have one more of her massages before I leave! The view of the African Bush is amazing from the treatment room ... and her neck massage is just ... FABULOUS!! 

It's been a long day ... so dinner and rest ... as there's a safari drive first thing tomorrow!!

Song of the Day: Born Free - Matt Munro

View from my pool
With Stefano
My friendly "pet" hyrax ... who I have named Laura ...
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